TOURAGE started painting more than 15 years ago but it is only in 2015 that he decided to offer his work to the public.


His work use as a foundation geometric minimalism.  His paintings are based on series of monochromatics layers of paint applied on 7X7 squares.  

The squares are build with thick layers of different colors applied, square by square, either vertically or horizontally.

The final color is covering the previous ones with different techniques which are expressed in "VARIATIONS".


Analyzed closer, his work is showing various forms of irregularity as the squares are more or less covered by the last monocolor showing then in different ways the underlying shade.  His paintings are either getting closer or away from the regularity of the square grid and the discipline of the single color.  

TOURAGE works in Paris.

TOURAGE presented his work at the AAF NY Spring & Fall- Art Palm Beach - Scope Basel and Miami - AAF Stockholm - Texas Contemporary - Art Palm Spring.   

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