TOURAGE began painting over fifteen years ago but only began exhibiting his work in International Fairs in 2015.

His work is based on geometric minimalism.  He applies monochromatic layers of paint on 7X7cm squares. Each square is created using thick layers of different colored paint applied in either a vertical or horizontal pattern.  The direction of the paint varies square by square.  A  final layer of color covers the previous ones using a different technic as can be seen in "VARIATIONS".


Upon closer inspection, TOURAGE's paintings reveal various levels of irregularity. Each square is covered more or less by the last mono color creating a variation in how the underlying color is seen.  His works are in constant conflict, moving towards and away from the regularity of grid and the discipline of a single color.

TOURAGE lives and works in Paris, France.

TOURAGE recently exhibited his work at the AAF NY Spring & Fall, Art Palm Beach, Scope Basel and Miami, AAF Stockholm, Texas Contemporary, Art Palm Spring and Scope New York.   

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