Those two small series are trending towards monochromatic paintings.

The VARIATION 1 series blends, at the origin, 2 different colors (the second one being often gold) according to a repetitive pattern of 7X7 squares.


A monocolor effect is achieved by covering both colors by shades of the principal one, the non gold one.  

The geometric pattern is then less visible and an impression of monochromatic quietness is achieved.

In VARIATION 2, the monochromatic construction is different.


The 7X7 squares themselves are often more irregulars and seem then independents and just positioned next to each others.

The series is build with various single colors applied - square by square - in different directions, but the last underlying color is more present as the finishing coat is showing more or less of it even to the point of letting it structure the painting.

In fact, the principle of regular squares and single colors are facing the willingness of establishing a dialogue instead of single elements controlling the painting.

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