Those two small series are trending towards monochromatic paintings.

The VARIATION 1 series, covering his early paintings starting in 2001, is introducing the 7X7 centimeters square grid which will become TOURAGE signature. Another characteristic of the series is the limited palette of the paintings with a single color (often white) dominating the painting.


Another element is that all the paintings are made with a painting knife and each square is painted one by one. Also pigments and mediums are used to create surface effects. 

The paintings of the series are never very far from monochromatic ones.

In VARIATION 2, the monochromatic approach is even stronger.


Again the construction of the painting is base on 7X7 squares painted one by one which creates an impression of irregularity in the grid and that each square seems independents and just positioned next to the adjacent one.

The series is build with various single colors applied in different directions, but the finishing coat is strongly dominating the painting which become close to a monocolor one.  There is also less of a search of surface effect in the series.

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